Monday, October 8, 2012

Tuff tiles supplier in Rawalpindi Islamabad

Tuff tiles
Concrete paving blocks, Hollow blocks, Kerbstones and Artificial stone. 

available in many colors and designs for your comfort.

Technical assistance
We Offer, Manufacture and supply of concrete paving blocks, Kerbstones and Artificial stone with Technical Assistance.Supervision of Trained installation labour.

 Usage of Tuff tiles
They have been successfully used in walkways subjected to highly abrasive and relentless pedestrian traffic on the on hand and the most punishing compressive load unleashed by material handling equipment of Port traffic on the other. In between are innumerable petrol pumps for Shell, Caltex and Pakistan State Oil, Countless residential driveways, Miles of footpaths,, Commercial parking areas, bus bays, various Embassies and a host of Industrial roads. Only TUFF-PAVERS were approved for use by DAEWOO / SHELL in service areas along the prestigious Lahore, Islamabad Motorway,


tuff tile Paver Pland , Moulds
We are manufecturing different sizes of paver plant.
10 tiles per sheet Plant, 20 tiles per sheet plant, 30 tiles per sheet plant.
moulds are also available on demand.


Tuff-Tiles concrete paving blocks in Pakistan and markets these blocks. Major Investments in acuquring state of the art technology and an uncompromising attitude towards quality combine to offer products to international specifications. TUFF-PAVERS carry an unmatched reputation for utmost reliability under the most gruelling traffic and weather conditions.

Supply Area:
Islamabad, Rawalpindi 
and all Punjab / NWFP Areas



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